Hario V60 pourover

Experience with the Scott Rao V60 Method

I’ve been using a Hario V60 for approximately 6 years now, and I’ve always used it in pretty much the same way. 10 oz water per 20 grams coffee (or double for me and my wife), pulse pour to keep the overall brew level low, with 30 seconds of pre-infusion.

Recently, though, I’ve been noticing this underlying bitter note and have been wondering whether it’s coming from my home roasts or from my Hario V60 method. Since diagnosing the brew is probably easier to start with, I starting doing some research into “alternative” methods of brewing with a Hario V60.

I stumbled across the Scott Rao Hario V60 Youtube video, and I have to say that the results are very surprising. Scott’s method is very different from mine, in the sense that he stirs during the pre-infusion, fills the V60 all the way up with the desired brew volume, and then spins the brewer at the end. He also prefers the plastic V60 instead of the ceramic, which I will have to consider in the near future as mine has a hairline crack running down the side.

The coffee resulting from this method seems to be much more evenly extracted, with a nice balance of body and crisp acidity. With my Ethiopia Dry Process Ugara Tome, it’s definitely bringing out more of the “berry” notes that are so coveted in a dry process Ethiopian. The slight bitterness (probably from uneven extraction) is gone.

This will probably be my go-to V60 method from here on out, at least until my V60 finally cracks and breaks. And that time, who knows, I might switch to a Kalita Wave.

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