I Bought a Huky 500!

After much deliberation, I finally made a decision on a new roaster and bought a Huky 500! I’ll provide a more detailed review in the future, but thought I’d take some time to describe the buying process.

I first contaced Kuanho Li via Gmail a few months back when I started my search for a new home roaster. I cross shoppped the Huky 500 against the Kaldi Fortis, Aillio Bullet, and Quest M3. I landed on the Huky for a few reasons:

  • 500 gram capacity was higher than the Quest M3
  • The online support community was great, with many resources at Home-Barista.com and HukyForum.com (although the Huky Forum is now read only).
  • The cost was considerably lower than the Aillio
  • Roast quality seemed to be excellent, per online resources

I had a big decision to make between perforated and solid drum. I read the pros and cons of each extensively from various forum posts, and although many people purchased the solid drum, I decided to stick with the perforated drum. The perforated drum was the original design for the Huky, and I think that there is something to be said in using a product with the original design. Additionally, although I had read that the solid drum was easier to learn, many people reported that their BEST roasts came from the perforated drum. Time will tell if that was the correct decision.

Payment was very simple, although a bit nerve wracking. After emailing Kuanho I received an extensive options list with pricing. I decided on my options (pretty standard, from what I can tell) and then emailed Kuanho. He instructed me to Paypal the total to his personal Paypal. This made me nervous; I have never sent a Paypal payment to an unknown person across the world! Despite my nervousness, the many positive reviews I had read online gave me the confidence to proceed with the order. Before I knew it, approximately 7 days after my order placement (shipping was FAST!) I had my new roaster!

I have about 20 roasts on the Huky, and I love it thus far! It’s simple to use, and a HUGE step up from my heat gun and bread machine. I can finally profile my roasts, and I’ve been much more successful in developing a consistent approach. There is definitely a learning curve, but I seem to get better at the process each time I roast.

More information to come on how to use the Huky, my experience with roast profiles, and the good and the bad of my new purchase.


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