Sweet Maria's Nicaragua Monte Libano Caturra

Roast Day – Nicaragua Monte Libano Caturra

Last night I roasted the Nicaragua Monte Libano Caturra from Sweet Marias. I received this coffee in an 8lb sampler pack from Sweet Marias. This is a lower rated coffee than I typically roast (57.4), but considering I had it on-hand, I thought I’d give it a go.

This was roasted using the heat gun / bread machine method (a.k.a. Coretto Roaster) using a Wagner Furno 300 heat gun and a cheap thrift store bread machine on the “knead” setting. I pre-heated to approximately 200 degrees (measured via infrared thermometer) and charged 8 oz (0.5 lb) of coffee. I decided to keep this roast simple, and just left the lid open and the heat gun approximately 8 inches from the roasted beans. With this method, I hit first crack at 8 minutes and finished at a Full City roast at 10 minutes.

Results to be shared once the coffee is ready! Approximately 3 days.

Update: Unfortunately, I think this roast “baked” a little due to some flat flavors in the cup. Specifically, I think the heat input at the end of the roast was too high relative to the beginning of the roast. I’ve changed by method by closing the cover until the start of first crack and then opening the cover. To slow down the roast, I’ve upped the coffee charge to 12 or 16 oz. I still hit first crack around 8 minutes and finish at 10 or 11 minutes. This has yielded much better results without the “baked” taste.

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