Green Coffee

Where to Buy Green Coffee Beans Online

As a home roaster, finding good quality green coffee beans is imperative. I’ve tried a number of sources over the past 5 years, and wanted share my favorites. In no particular order, here are the companies that I would recommend.

Green Coffee

Sweet Maria’s

Sweet Maria’s was one of the first companies to offer green coffee in small enough quantities to make home roasting possible for anyone. Based in Oakland, CA and started by Tom and Maria (hence the name), Sweet Maria’s revolutionized the home roasting industry by starting online sales in 1997 from a small, dimly lit basement. Today they offer dozens of high-quality coffees from around the world. Where Sweet Maria’s shines is the posting of cupping notes in each of their coffee’s, which can help the roaster understand the nuanced differences between varietals, regional variations, and processing methods. Although they are not the cheapest option online, I would highly recommend them to anyone starting to home roast.

Happy Mug Coffee

While less detailed on descriptions and reviews, Happy Mug Coffee offers great prices on fresh green coffee. They have a tremendous selection and helpful user reviews for each option. Happy Mug also sells roasted coffee and tea for very reasonable prices. I’ve ordered 15 pounds from Happy Mug and have been satisfied with all of the coffee that I’ve received.

Burman Coffee Traders

Burman Coffee Traders has a HUGE selection of green coffee, and what makes the site unique is that they identify each coffee with a lot number and arrival date. This is great for the home roaster, as they can plan how much coffee to order based on how “fresh” the green coffee is. Considering that I like to buy coffee in larger quantities to save money, knowing the arrival date can ensure that the 20 lb bag that I purchase won’t go bad over the course of the next 6 months. I’ve also ordered 15 pounds from BCT and have been very satisfied.


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